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Owner, proud wife, and mother of two beautiful little girls. I specialize in boudoir photography and I'm located right outside of greater Atlanta, Georgia!


My passion for boudoir has flourished in the past years. There is something about uplifting other women that gives me so much joy! When you sign up to work with my team and me, we're 100% dedicated to you.

My goal as your photographer is to provide a therapeutic (life-changing for some), exciting experience through boudoir sessions.

xoxo Sara

Hi! My name is Kailee  I am the head hair stylist and makeup artist. I've been in the industry for 6 years and I LOVE IT! My favorite part is spinning around the chair and seeing the glimmer in my client's eyes; watching the confidence grow is amazing!

I cannot wait to work with you!

XO- Kailee

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