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  • Do you offer Payment Plans?
    Absolutely! How that works: Let's say that you need your photos for a gift in 6 months. We would take your package and divide it by 5 months so that there is enough time to get your products ordered and received in time. No products can be ordered until your package has been paid in full. Option 2: Paypal Credit allows you to make payments to Paypal and get your product right away.
  • What if I don't want my photos to be shared on the internet?
    Absolutely fine! Your privacy is very important to me. The client photos that you see on my website are there with permission. I will always ask you what your comfort level is. You can lock them down like fort knox, or you can make them public for the world to see. Totally up to you!
  • What's the Reveal Party?
    Becoming You Boudoir Experience includes a "Reveal Party". This is an opportunity for you to invite your friends, your parnter, whoever you'd like to come and celebrate your beautiful images with you. You can get all dolled up again, and we will have your beautiful images on display. You can view them privately at first, and then remove any you want to be kept secret and then invite your guests to join you and show them just how amazing you are. Sometimes we can't see how others see us. This is 100% a celebration of YOU. Our clients get very emotional at these reveal parties because it's as if they are discovering who they are, sometimes for the first time, or sometimes as who they used to be.
  • Do you offer the Boudoir Marathon package without the 'marathon'?
    At this time, no. At Becoming You Photography, we really want to offer our clients the most amazing full-service experience ever. I know that not everyone wants to have the full experience with the party, and maybe they just want to do some photos to give as a gift. We offer these quarterly marathons for those that just want to feel beautiful and have a little fun too.
  • What do I wear?
    I would recommend bringing as many as you'd like, but we'll only use 3-4 outfits. More than that gets to be too much changing time and not enough picture time! Try to consider options that will maximize the amount of looks you get. For example, go with one sweater, more intimate look and then a racy, sexy look. Your birthday suit counts as a GREAT option! Also, it doesn't have to be lingerie-I've done some great shots with thin, oversized sweaters, boy shorts, wet t-shirts, jeans; they're still sexy! Take a peek through your closet and you'd be surprised what kind of sexy options are in there. You can always message me your thoughts on outfits, I'll happily give you my honest opinion!
  • Do you edit the images?
    Yes! I personally review and edit all of the gallery. My rule of thumb with touching up is if it won't be there in 30 days, I take it out. Things like scratches, pimples, bruises, etc. I may also lightly touch up stretch marks/varicose veins/etc. We want to promote body positivity, so we will not alter your appearance. Do not ask us to make you look thinner, or remove your double chin, tummy rolls, etc. Embracing your body as you are is the best thing about these sessions!!!!
  • Do you pose me? I have no modeling experience.
    Tough luck! I only work with models! JUST KIDDING!! I 1000% know how awkward this feels for you, and don't worry, I've gotcha covered! I take pride in photographing NORMAL, CURVY, women. I know how to light and pose you so you feel and look your absolute best. I've put together my posing based on a combination of what is flattering on camera, as well as what the body biologically does when you're attracted or flirting with someone. I promise, it'll feel like we're just friends hanging out! Directions that are easy and concrete for you to follow.
  • How should I prepare for my shoot?
    If there are things you normally get done around your beauty regime, try to get them done at least a week before the shoot to avoid redness/irritation/breakouts/etc. Things like waxes, highlights, teeth whitening-if it's important to you, have it done. If you have never gotten a spray tan before, I wouldn't recommend trying it now. Only do that if you've done it before and like the results. Drink plenty of water and get a lot of sleep, especially the week leading up to the shoot. Come to the shoot with clean, dry hair (or one day dirty hair if that's better for you for styling) and a clean, moisturized face.
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