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What is a boudoir session like? Your boudoir session is going to be a BLAST! I provide an amazing playlist that we will relax and have an amazing time dancing and hanging out! I also provide mimosas, water, and light snacks. You may be nervous, but as soon as we start shooting I'll be giving you so many things to focus on that you won't be nervous anymore. You'll arrive for your session and we'll go through the gorgeous lingerie you bring. The entire shoot typically takes 2-4 hours. We then decide on a day for the following week for you to come back to view your images and make your order. When you come back, we'll sit down and view your images together on the big screen and figure out which ones are best for your digitals/wall art/albums/etc.

What do I wear? I would recommend bringing as many as you'd like, but we'll only use 3-4 outfits. More than that gets to be too much changing time and not enough picture time! Try to consider options that will maximize the amount of looks you get. For example, go with one sweater, more intimate look and then a racy, sexy look. Your birthday suit counts as a GREAT option! Also, it doesn't have to be lingerie-I've done some great shots with thin, oversized sweaters, boy shorts, wet t-shirts, jeans; they're still sexy! Take a peek through your closet and you'd be surprised what kind of sexy options are in there. You can always message me your thoughts on outfits, I'll happily give you my honest opinion!

How much are the boudoir sessions? The session fee is $400. The images are purchased separately when you come back for your in-person viewing. Contact me for a complete price list.

How far in advance do I need to book? It totally varies-if you need a weekend appointment, I recommend booking at least 2 months in advance. If you can shoot on a weekday, I can typically get you in earlier unless it's around Christmas/Valentine's Day. If you're looking to do this as a holiday gift, I recommend you book as soon as you can so you can secure your spot. I can not rush the printing companies, they have set hours and strict holiday policies.

How quickly do you turn the images around? Your images will be ready to view 1-2 weeks following your photo session date.


Do you edit the images? Yes! All of the images you see will be edited. My rule of thumb with editing is if it won't be there in 30 days, I take it out. So scratches, pimples, bruises, etc. I also edit stretch marks/varicose veins/etc. However, I leave scars, moles, freckles, etc. unless you request for them to be removed.

How many images will I see when I come back? There are normally around 40-50 images for you to view at your reveal...sometimes more!

Do you pose me, I have no modeling experience? Tough luck! I only work with models! JUST KIDDING!! I 1000% know how awkward this feels for you, and don't worry, I've gotcha covered! I take pride in photographing NORMAL, CURVY, women. I know how to light and pose you so you feel and look your absolute best. I've put together my posing based on a combination of what is flattering on camera, as well as what the body biologically does when you're attracted or flirting with someone. I promise, it'll feel like we're just friends hanging out! Directions that are easy and concrete for you to follow.

What do I do if I think I may be too nervous to do this? Don't You Worry! I HAVE SEEN IT ALL. Seriously. You don't need to be nervous about anything on your body. Everyone (yes everyone) has insecurities.  Everyone has cellulite. You are beautiful and unique and all those things that the world is telling you to "fix" are things that are uniquely you that your significant other gets to enjoy. That said, yes, I will take out stretch marks, soften skin, pose and light you so you look 20 lbs lighter. Certainly don't be embarrassed if you are experiencing that time of the month or have any specific requests. I only care that you are beyond delighted with the images I take and that you feel safe and beautiful during the shoot. Be honest with me about what you're comfortable with. If you don't want to show your nipples, that's totally fine. If you want to be naked for the entire shoot, that's fine too.

What should I do to prepare for the shoot? If there are things you normally get done around your beauty regime, try to get them done at least a week before the shoot to avoid redness/irritation/breakouts/etc.  Things like waxes, highlights, teeth whitening-if it's important to you, have it done. If you have never gotten a spray tan before, I wouldn't recommend trying it now. Only do that if you've done it before and like the results. Drink plenty of water and get a lot of sleep, especially the week leading up to the shoot. Come to the shoot with clean, dry hair (or one day dirty hair if that's better for you for styling) and a clean, moisturized face. 

Super excited to work with you!


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